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Safeguarding Policy

Aim and purpose

Linton Jazz exists for people to have fun playing music.  It has an open-door policy and welcomes players of all ages and abilities. It aims to be as informal and friendly as possible, playing at charity events and raising money for good causes.

Linton Jazz is committed to protecting the safety of all its members, particularly those aged under 18 (hereafter referred to as children) or adults who are particularly vulnerable for any reason. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone who plays with Linton Jazz to be aware of, and act in accordance with, this policy.

The aim of this policy is

Equality Statement

This policy applies equally to all Linton Jazz members, regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity. All members should be particularly mindful of the fact that children and adults from minority groups sometimes face communication barriers which further increase their vulnerability.

Safeguarding Procedures

Managing Allegations of Abuse

Any band member who becomes aware of the possible abuse of a child or vulnerable adult within Linton Jazz has a responsibility to pass on their concern.

In the event of any allegation or disclosure being made, the following protocol must be observed:

Whilst it may be very tempting to react to allegations of abuse or disclosures made, failure to report information objectively and follow correct procedures may render a case inadmissible. If in doubt, concerns should be raised with the child welfare officer or chair.

Scope of Policy

All band members are responsible for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults when playing with Linton Jazz and therefore are required to read and comply with the policy. Linton Jazz’s responsibility for protecting children and vulnerable adults extends to interactions with non-band members, such as supporters and audience. Band members are therefore expected to be vigilant in this regard at all times.

Contact Details

Child welfare officer: Vanessa Whitcombe

Deputy welfare Officer: Hilary Curtis:

Chair: Kate Kelly:

Cambridgeshire Direct Contact Centre (Social Care): 0345 045 5203 (Mon-Fri 8-8) Out of hours: 01733 234724.

Cambridge Police: 101 (Will be directed to the relevant department).

NSPCC: 0808 8005000

Policy adopted on: 15th July 2018, amended July 2019

Reviewed and agreed: December 2020

Next review: October 2021

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