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Linton Leavers Ball

We can’t believe the Year 11’s scrubbed up so nicely and it seems that crowd waiting to see them arrive at their Leavers Ball just gets bigger each year.   Some of our number were going to the Ball too so we missed them in the Band.  We trust the music sounded good from outside the band too?

Transport for the party goers on Friday included a pink and white limousine, a fire engine, mopeds and motor bikes, a tractor, a horse and even a helicopter!

It was all very spectacular.

We hope you enjoyed the night Year 11’s and best of luck with all the important choices you will be making in the future.

The Band has choosen “Indian” over “Chinese” for our Linton Jazz annual “thank you” end of season lunch.  All Band members are invited to Moza at Cambridge Leisure Park 1pm Sunday 17th July, partners and families are very welcome to join us.

So that’s it for this academic year – see you all on 17th July!



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