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Linton Granta Fete

We missed the rain today at the Linton Flower Festival – just about, but the atmosphere was great and we really enjoyed the children’s acrobatics in time to the music!  The breezy wind challenges were overcome with copious amounts of clothes pegs and to stop our chairs slowly sinking into the damp ground we used trombone  Peter’s top secret “anti-sink” invention.  Thanks Peter!  Nevertheless dressed in our summer best, some of us were rather cold.  Our most memorable moment was when Colin left the first set two pieces early to try and find warmth – as it was taking some of us so long to peg everything down, he thought we had finished!

Thanks to all who came and supported the Flower Festival and us.  We thought the flower arrangements, on the theme “The Olympics”, in the church this year were particularly impressive.

Our next concert will be on Saturday 30th June at the Linton Granta Special School Fete.  If you would like to come along and support the school that would be really appreciated.

Linton Jazz are performing between 13.00 – 15.00.  Band members please arrive at 12.30 and once again, defiantly in your lovely summer dresses!  We will get some sunshine soon I’m sure!  After all it’s nearly July!

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