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Linton Jazz Orchestra

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Karen Sanderson and Stephen Inglis write….

Linton Jazz was established in 1999 and has grown from strength to strength every since.  We started the band with just a handful of youngsters, little suspecting that more than 18 years on we would be still be going strong with around 30 regular players and quite a reputation locally.  A few of our members have been there since the beginning, but our focus on including young people, a central part of our ethos, means that there is a lot of turnover as members grow up and move on to college and University.

The most important ingredient of success for us has not been the quality of the playing, though we certainly do our best, but to have fun.  Nevertheless the band does seem to get stronger all the time, in spite of the constantly changing line up and our ‘open door’ policy for new recruits.  We welcome players of all ages and abilities and aim to be as informal and as friendly as possible.  We play perhaps 6-8 times a year, mainly at charity events, and we have helped raise thousands of pounds for good causes over the years from our various gigs around the county.

The mix of the very young to the.. well let’s say less young, makes the atmosphere in the band quite special and we hope that conveys itself to our audiences.   One of the most gratifying things for us has been to watch young players blossom through their time with the band, and several have gone on to great musical things after leaving.  It is also particularly heartening when mature players renew their acquaintance with instruments that have been mouldering in attics for years and rediscover their musical talent and enthusiasm.

We rehearse 7.00pm-9.00pm  on a Sunday at the Strictly Dance Studio, Linton.

If you think that our Jazz Orchestra could be the one  for you – then please get in touch!


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